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  1. Are there any common browser or operating system issues?

  2. Can I change the length of time for results?

  3. Can I change the timeline?

  4. Can I chart agent/office/firm activity by geography?

  5. Can I choose custom ranges?

  6. Can I filter by attached and detached properties?

  7. Can I filter by lot size?

  8. Can I filter by number of bathrooms?

  9. Can I filter by number of bedrooms?

  10. Can I filter by price?

  11. Can I filter by property type?

  12. Can I filter by Sales type?

  13. Can I filter by separate transaction sides?

  14. Can I filter by square footage?

  15. Can I filter the properties by pools?

  16. Can I share my searches?

  17. Do my CSV shared charts expire?

  18. Do my shared charts expire?

  19. Do the MarketView reports include active or pending listings?

  20. How are co-listings and co-sales handled?

  21. How can change the chart type?

  22. How can I share the actual numbers along with the charts?

  23. How do I know what filters the results used?

  24. How do I share information?

  25. How do you account for potential data errors?

  26. How does live data (vs. frozen data) affect MarketView?

  27. How many data combinations can this tool create?

  28. How often is your data updated?

  29. If I embed a chart on my website or blog, how long will that remain active?

  30. MarketStats Newsletters

  31. What are .5 Units?

  32. What are Quick Facts?

  33. What are the metrics at the bottom for?

  34. What happens to Inactive MLS Subscribers

  35. What if I have questions?

  36. What is a Firm?

  37. What is InfoSparks?

  38. What is live data vs. frozen data?

  39. What is the chart heading?

  40. What types of searches can I perform?

  41. Where is this data from?

  42. Why can't I get the tool's numbers to match my own personal MLS search?

  43. Why don't I see any data for a selected agent or broker?

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